Assist! I am Being Held Prisoner by four Felines From Outer House

Assist! I am Being Held Prisoner by four Felines From Outer House

Assist! I am Being Held Prisoner by four Felines From Outer House

Am I exaggerating only a bit?

This winter I ran three humidifiers in my home, and regardless of utilizing mineral filters, there's white mud all over the place, together with on the bay window I put in for the cats to lie within the solar.

I haven't cleaned the window but this spring.

There are paw prints within the mud on the window.

Are the cats attempting to enhance the view?

Are they attempting to inform me to wash the window?

Or are they doing “paw” artwork?

My fantasy: scripting this message throughout the window …




Would my neighbors snigger – or simply assume I used to be crazier than ever?

In the meantime, as I'm having this fantasy, I'm additionally contemplating that Violet, who’s sitting in my lap, has been with me for four lifetimes – that I find out about.

I'm questioning, “Is that this what it means once we say cats have 9 lives? Are they actually particular person lifetimes, and are you restricted to 9?”

“People make issues up!” proclaims Violet, as if that ends the dialogue.

I snigger.

Violet has a means of talking her ideas that at all times sends me into giggles and sometimes gales of laughter.

She at all times acts insulted … or possibly she actually is insulted, however I can't cease laughing at her terse quips. It's one of many issues I like about her.

… again to being a prisoner of four felines from outer house …

Violet and Melissa inform me they're from the Pleiades the place there's a planet of felinoids who seem like the characters from the musical “Cats” – in response to Violet.

Sakhara says she's from Arcturus.

Starlight is from the upper dimensions, being the reincarnation of Echo, who in her final life was my horse.

If it is a jail, I take full credit score for creating it. They hardly ever give me a second to myself.

This very instantaneous, Violet is sitting on her haunches in my lap going through me as I sort this. She's wanting up into my eyes along with her beautiful crystalline blue beauties and purring with pleasure. Ah, to have my full consideration with no different cats round.

Violet is a velcro kitty – must be on me, touching me, hooked up to me.

Oops – altering of the guard. Violet jumps down to offer Starlight her flip.

You see what I imply?

“No escape,” I feel with a horrible German accent, as I bear in mind Sargent Schultz from that nutty outdated TV present, “Hogan's Heroes.”

Why do I need to escape?

DO I need to escape?

Simply how a lot do I enable these cats to run the present?


I can't even take a nap with out waking as much as discover cats hemming me in from all sides or mendacity on prime of me so I can't transfer with out first transferring every of them.

Is that this what it means when spirit tells us, “We're all ONE?”

Other people inform me they’ll lock up their cats in a room. HA! Violet would tear the door down or scratch it to items, and now she'd have assist. She's additionally a screamer when she doesn't get her means. She's very loud!

So there's no locking them up.

Actually, they’re the guards (guardians?) And I'm the prisoner.

Is that this just like the Stockholm Syndrome and I've grown to like my kidnappers?

Assist! I am Being Held Prisoner by four Felines From Outer House