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Terms and conditions
The terms and conditions set forth herein have been updated and will be effective from May 2014.
Rights and responsibilities of the user
This page sets the conditions of use (the “Terms of Use”) according to which the user (the “User”) can use the Sites and Services (as defined below).
These Terms of Use constitute a binding agreement between the User and, Inc. or the company that manages the Website in the User’s country of domicile or in which the company is located (“dailybestproducts .com “) and are considered accepted by the User whenever he accesses or uses the Website or the services If the User does not accept the Terms of Use set forth herein, he may not use the Sites and Services
“Siti” means the websites controlled, even partially, by, (including, but not limited to, The services are defined as the applications and services offered by, including an online service for publishing and searching for employment opportunities, including any application accessed through the Facebook Platform and / or any mobile phone or other interface that allows the user to access this application (collectively, the “ Services”). The sites also allow Users to create individual profiles that may include personal information (“Profiles”) and to make such Profiles, or some related aspects, public. dailybestproducts. com may also collect User data publicly available on other websites to create a new Profile or eg r add them to an existing one. reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, by publishing an updated version on this Web page. Users are asked to periodically visit this page to review periodic updates of the Terms of Use, as they they are binding on the User.
Users who violate these Terms of Use may incur the suspension or interruption of access and use of the Sites, at the sole discretion of
To visit or use the Sites, the User must be at least 16 years old. If the User is under the age of 18 or otherwise a minor under the law in force in his country, he must use the Site under the supervision of a parent, legal guardian or another responsible adult.

  1. Use of Contents
    It is not possible to use the Content or Profiles to determine the suitability of a consumer for the following purposes: (a) credit or insurance for personal, family or domestic use; (b) underwriting or (c) a government license or benefit. authorizes the User, in the terms set forth in these Terms of Use, to access and use the sites and Content (as defined below) and to download and print the contents available from the websites , for personal and non-commercial purposes only. The contents of the Sites, such as design, text, graphics, images, videos, information, logos, button icons, software, audio files and other content (collectively referred to as “Content”), are protected by copyright laws, registered trademarks and other applicable laws. All Content is the property of or its licensors. The compilation (ie the collection, organization and preparation) of all the contents of the Sites is the exclusive property of and is protected by copyright laws, registered trademarks and other applicable laws regarding the right of author and communication. Unauthorized use of the Content may violate these laws and / or applicable regulations, and is strictly prohibited. The User is obliged to keep all the notices that contain the rights to copyright, trademarks, service mark and any other notice regarding the ownership of present in the Content or on the authorized copy of the Contents .
    The codes created by to generate or display the Content or the pages that make up the Sites are protected by copyright and may not be copied or adapted, based on the provisions of applicable law.

The User agrees not to sell or modify the Content or to reproduce, show, publicly represent, distribute, or in any case use the Content in any way for any public or commercial purpose, in connection with different products or services from those referred to in the Sites, in any other way that could likely create confusion among consumers, in order to denigrate or discredit or its licensors, or that mitigates the strength of the assets or its licensors or that, in any case, violates the intellectual and industrial property rights of and its licensors. The User also agrees not to make any unauthorized use of the Contents The use of the Content in any other applications, sites or in a computer network for any purpose is prohibited. Any code that creates to generate or display any Content, or pages that create Applications or Services, is also protected as a copyright of and the User cannot copy or adapt this code .

  1. Use of the services
    The publication of announcements, the CV database (the “CV database”) and the other services of the sites can be used exclusively by individuals looking for a job and / or information related to their career and from employers looking for employees. Individuals also have the right to use Networking and Profiles for the professional and personal purposes permitted. The use of the services is also subject to other contracts that the User may have signed with In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Use and any other contracts entered into with, the provisions of the contract will prevail. The term “publish”, as used herein, indicates the information that the User sends, publishes or displays on the Website
    All users undertake not to:
    (a) transmit, publish, distribute, store or destroy material, including, but not limited to, Content, in violation of any applicable law or regulation, including, but not limited to, read or regulations governing the collection, processing or processing of personal data or in violation of the privacy policy of;
    (b) take actions that impose an unreasonably or disproportionately large load on any infrastructure on the Website;
    (c) use devices to browse or search the website, other than the tools available on the site, which usually uses third-party web browsers or other tools approved by;
    (d) use automatic data extraction or acquisition methods or devices (such as “data mining”, “robots”, etc.);
    (e) violate or attempt to violate the protection of one of the sites, including attempting to probe, detect or test the vulnerability of a system or network or violate security or authentication measures without proper authorization;
    (f) forging TCP / IP packet headers or any other part of the header information in e-mail or in publications aimed at groups of people (“newsgroup”);
    (g) reverse engineer or decompile the parts of one of the sites;
    (h) aggregate, copy or duplicate in any way each of the Content or information available on any Site, including expired ads, unless permitted by these Terms of Use;
    (i) to assemble or link to Content or information available from one of the Sites unless permitted by these Terms of Use;
    (j) publish content or materials that promote or use false or misleading information or illegal activities, or adopt or provide instructional information relating to illegal activities or other activities prohibited by these Terms of Use, such as the construction or purchase of weapons illegal, violating the privacy of others, providing or creating computer viruses and pirated media;

(k) publish CVs or Profiles or apply for ads on behalf of third parties;
(l) communicate a contact from an employer to an agent, an agency or any other third party;
(m) make more than one copy of the same CV public at the same time;
(n) share with third parties the credentials for accessing one of the websites;
(o) access data that is not proper to the User or register with a server or with an account to which the User is not authorized to access;
(p) publish or send on a Website incomplete, false, inaccurate or non-User registry information;
(q) publish content that presents pages with limited access or with password-protected access or hidden pages or images;
(r) request passwords or sensitive personal information to other Users;
(s) eliminate or alter the materials posted by other natural or legal persons;
(t) harass, incite harassment or upset any group, company or individual;
(u) send unsolicited mail or e-mail, make phone calls or send unwanted faxes, to promote and / or advertise products or services to Users, or contact Users who have explicitly requested not to be contacted;
(v) attempt to interfere with services of other Users, hosts or networks, including, by way of example but not limited to, attempt to interfere by sending viruses to one of the sites, overloading, “flooding”, “spamming”, “mailbombing” or “crashing”;
(w) promote or endorse an illegal or unauthorized copy of others’ copyrighted works, for example by providing or making available pirated software or links to them, providing or making available information in order to overcome any copy protection devices installed in factory, or, again, providing or making available pirated music or other media or links to these;
(x) use the Services for any unlawful purpose or illegal activity, or post or post content, CVs or defamatory, slanderers, implicitly or explicitly offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, which communicate hatred, racists, discriminators , of a threatening nature or capable of causing indignation, discomfort, embarrassment, anxiety or harassment of persons, or include links to pornographic, indecent or explicit sexual content of any kind, as determined at the discretion of; or
(y) publish CVs that are not authentic and that seek to advertise and promote products and services.
System or network security breaches may be subject to civil and / or criminal liability. will investigate such violations and may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in order to prosecute Users responsible for such violations.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, your Profile and your passwords, as applicable. The User cannot share his password or information relating to his account with any other parties, temporarily or permanently, and the User will be responsible for all uses of the registrations and passwords of his Sites, and in the event that such uses have been authorized by him, both if they have not been. The User agrees to immediately notify any unauthorized use of his account, profile or passwords.

  1. Other Terms of Use for the employer.
    The announcements published on the websites are the sole responsibility of the User. should not be considered as an employer with respect to the use of a website and, furthermore, cannot be held responsible for employment decisions taken, for whatever reason, by the person who publishes the ads on any Website
    The User understands and recognizes that if he cancels his account, or if this has expired, all the account information, including saved CVs, network contacts and mailing lists will be marked as deleted and may be removed from the databases. The information may still be available for a short period due to delays in the propagation of deletion through the web servers.
    To protect Users of from commercial advertisements or solicitations, reserves the right to limit the number of e-mails that an employer can send to Users, to a number that it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. The Networking tool and the Profiles must be used in compliance with all applicable laws on privacy and data protection.
    Job announcements
    A job ad cannot contain:
    (a) hypertext links other than those specifically authorized by;
    (b) misleading, illegible or “hidden” keywords, repeated or otherwise not relevant to the job opportunity presented, as determined at the sole discretion of;
    (c) names, logos and registered trademarks of non-affiliated companies other than those of the customer, unless expressly accepted by;
    (d) names of universities, cities, states, localities or countries not related to the announcement;
    (e) more than one job or job description, multiple locations or multiple job categories if not permitted by the product;
    (f) inaccurate, false or misleading information; is
    (g) material or links to materials that show people in sexual, violent or other attitudes or who are under the age of 16 to obtain personal information. 

The User cannot use the job announcements or the Networking and Profiles for:
(a) publish job advertisements in a manner that does not comply with applicable local, national and international regulations, including, by way of example but not limited to, laws concerning work and employment, equal employment opportunities and eligibility requirements for employment, data privacy, access and use of data and intellectual property;
(b) publish job advertisements that require nationality or permanent residence in specific countries as a condition of employment, unless otherwise requested in compliance with the law and applicable legislation;
(c) publish announcements that include screening requirements or criteria in connection with a job posting where such requirements or criteria are not actually required and / or required by law for the published announcement; (d) in relation to Profiles, determine the suitability of a consumer for the following purposes: (a) credit or insurance for personal, family or domestic use; (b) underwriting or (c) a government license or benefit;
(e) publish announcements or other advertising messages for competitors of or publish job offers or other contents in which there are links to sites competing with;
(f) sell, promote or advertise products or services;
(g) publish offers relating to franchises, pyramid schemes, “club membership”, distributions, “multi-level” marketing opportunities or sales representative agency organizations;
(h) publish business opportunities that require upfront or periodic payments, or require the recruitment of other members, secondary distributors or sub-agents;
(i) publish paid commercial opportunities exclusively with commission compensation, unless the announcement clearly states that the work available is only a commission and clearly describes the product or service that the candidate would promote;
(j) promote job opportunities that are discriminatory for candidates;
(k) publish on any Website job advertisements for models, actors, on behalf of entertainment agencies or for talent scout positions;
(l) advertise sexual services or seek candidates for sexual services;
(m) to request the use of parts of the human body or the donation of organs, including, but not limited to, reproduction services such as egg donation or loan to the uterus;
(n) supporting a particular political party, political commitments, positions or political issues;
(o) promote a particular religion;

(p) publish job offers in countries subject to economic sanctions by the US and Italian government; is
(q) except in the cases permitted by applicable laws, to publish job offers that require the candidate to communicate information concerning the (i) racial or ethnic origin, (ii) political beliefs, (iii) religious or philosophical convictions, (iv ) membership of trade unions, (v) physical or mental health (vi) sexual life, (vii) having committed crimes or having legal proceedings or (viii) age. reserves the right to remove job announcements or contents from the websites, which, always in the reasonable exercise of their own discretion, does not consider to be in compliance with the mentioned Terms of Use, or if they have been published contents that does not consider profitable for its interests.
If at any time during the use of Services, the User has incorrectly represented the facts to or provided false information to with respect to the nature of the User’s commercial activities, dailybestproducts. com will have the right to block the User’s access to the services
CV database
Use of the CV database by employers
The User is required to use the CV database according to what is established in these Conditions of Use and in the contracts stipulated with The CV database must be used in compliance with all applicable regulations for the protection of privacy and sensitive data and the User agrees not to disclose the data of the CV Database to third parties, unless the User is not an authorized recruitment agency, a “staffing agency”, an advertising or other agency that uses CVs explicitly for employment purposes.

The User is required to implement adequate physical, technical and management measures to protect the data obtained from the CV Database from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, distribution, alteration or destruction. The User must not share the access credentials of the license relating to his computer to the CV database with other parts, nor the access credentials of the pay-per-view license with other parties.
The User cannot use the CV Database for:
(a) purposes other than those falling within the scope of the employer’s search for employees, including, but not limited to, advertising promotions of products or services to CV holders;
b) make phone calls or send unwanted faxes, send unwanted mail, e-mails or newsletters to CV holders or contact people unless they have expressed their consent to being contacted (for cases where consent is required, or if consent is not expressly requested, it is forbidden to contact those who have informed the User that they do not wish to be contacted); or
(c) seek candidates or contact candidates or CV holders regarding “career fairs” or commercial opportunities prohibited under Section 3 of these Terms of Use.
To ensure a safe and profitable experience for all its customers, reserves the right to limit data traffic (including CV views) to which the User can access in a given period. These limits may be reviewed periodically at the sole discretion of and termination.
These Terms of Use will remain in effect for the entire period of use by the User of the sites reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to use all legal remedies, including, but not limited to, the removal of User Content from the Sites and the immediate cancellation of the User’s registration resulting in impossibility to access the websites and / or other services provided to the User by, following violations of these Terms of Use or if should not be able to verify or authenticate the information sent in order to obtain registration on the Website Even if the User is no longer permitted to use the Sites, some clauses of these Terms of Use will remain in force, including Sections 1., 2. and 5. and Sections 7. to 16. including .
Update in force since May 2014
Summary of Changes – Effective May 2014
We have made some changes to the Terms of Use to include the new communication tools available on It also indicates the possible collection by of information about a User publicly available on other websites in order to create or add a Profile on