Deus Ex Machina – Consciousness, The God In The Machine

Deus Ex Machina – Consciousness, The God In The Machine

Deus Ex Machina – Consciousness, The God In The Machine

What’s Deus Ex Machina?

The unique that means of Deus Ex Machina is the god within the machine, or god from the machine. It refers back to the machine, or crane, that was used to decrease an actor depicting a god onto the stage in a Greek drama.

Incessantly the god would seem all of the sudden and supply a decision to the dramatic crises that have been the topic of the play, though not all the time…

Deus Ex Machina as Divine Intervention

Over the time, deus ex machina got here to imply “sudden salvation”, that might be because of divine intervention or no less than an answer that seems out of nowhere to resolve an issue.

On this article we’re redefining deus ex machina, the god in our machine, as consciousness.

This content material of this text is written from private expertise and to that extent I’m certified to say what I say, however I’m not skilled in science or arithmetic nor am I fluent in metaphysical discourse.

The only real goal of this text is firstly to supply a private, experience-based perspective on consciousness and secondly, to supply some potential methods of exploring, dwelling with and growing your connection and relationship with consciousness.

Discovering Consciousness through Enquiry or Expertise?

What are essentially the most applicable instruments for understanding consciousness?

1. Thought based mostly understanding about consciousness

Information based mostly on enquiry about consciousness – utilizing motive and logic, scientific methodology i.e. techniques of buying data that use remark, experimentation, and replication to explain and clarify pure phenomena.

2. Expertise based mostly understanding about consciousness

Information based mostly on expertise of consciousness – utilizing noetic understanding from the Greek noēsis/ noētikos, that means interior knowledge, direct understanding, instinct, or implicit understanding…

“… states of perception into depths of reality unplumbed by the discursive mind. They’re illuminations, revelations, stuffed with significance and significance, all inarticulate although they continue to be; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority… ” [William James, philosopher]


The normal scientific and metaphysical strategy to understanding consciousness is through Methodology One, it’s thought based mostly and makes use of mind, rationality and logic and many others.

However, what if consciousness cannot be totally recognized or understood utilizing the schools concerned in scientific methodology?

Thought experiment:

Think about when you have been invited to attend a live performance by a world well-known performing artist in a style you’re unfamiliar with – let’s recommend a efficiency of the ballet “Swan Lake” by the (Russian) Royal Bolshoi Ballet firm performing on the Royal Opera Home, in Covent Backyard, London.

For the needs of this experiment you’re disadvantaged of all of your senses besides contact. You may hear nothing, see nothing, odor nothing – all you might have is the sense of contact.

I meet you after the occasion and ask you to explain the expertise…

What are you going to inform me..?

Think about the next:

# Aware pondering is proscribed.

Human intelligence has severe limitations

# Our educated obsession with phrases ensures we confuse being knowledgeable about with having expertise of.

We confuse the world as-it-is with the world as-it-is-thought-about and described.

We’re like an individual consuming the menu as an alternative of the meal.

# The double bind of language and articulation.

For all the things we achieve by having the ability to verbalize and articulate a direct expertise, we lose an equal if not larger quantity of the total that means of that have by the very strategy of articulation.

This misplaced that means turns into exacerbated because the phrases we use to explain one thing are all the time heard or learn inside a context, a framing, a perception and a language.

# The misguided view that thought can encapsulate actuality or reality.

Dogmas – spiritual, political and scientific, all beliefs – come up out of the misguided perception that thought alone can encapsulate actuality or the reality.

# If we shift our focus to the that means that lies behind or past the phrases:

The that means that transcends the phrases.

The that means that may solely be totally grasped by experiencing it… then all the things adjustments and divisions and limitations evaporate as we transfer past perception.

What if Methodology Two is the one approach we will entry data of consciousness? What if we will can solely know consciousness by experiencing it?

Closing observations on discovering consciousness:

# Science and Expertise should not mutually unique.

# Rationality and scientific methodology – could be utilized to the expertise of consciousness.

# Is there a Methodology Three – a approach of mixing each strategies in a sequence that’s most applicable to the state of affairs being researched?

In the identical approach that the social sciences use qualitative analysis strategies in addition to the “laborious science” quantitative strategies, can there be a modality of analysis into consciousness utilizing noetic insights based mostly on expertise?

Thus a “multi-modality” methodology might be utilized to analysis into consciousness on this sequence:

  • Noetic insights based mostly on expertise of consciousness.
  • Qualitative analysis into these insights and experiences.
  • Quantitative analysis into features of the qualitative findings, the place this methodology could be utilized.

Taking this one stage additional, does this “multi-modality” strategy to consciousness supply us, as non-specialist lay-people, a sensible and balanced strategy to increasing our expertise and understanding of consciousness?

Constructing Relationship With Consciousness

As a approach ahead, I suggest the next pointers:

  • You settle for that the true nature of consciousness is unprovable each by way of goal actuality “on the market” and subjective actuality “inside you”.
  • Settle for that we’ll by no means categorically get a definitive deal with on the reality about consciousness and actuality – so when you can settle for this, then strategy this in an experimental way of thinking.
  • Undertake the center path and attempt to keep a balanced strategy between rationality and spirituality in understanding and interesting with consciousness.
  • By center path, I imply not being drawn into excessive positions on the reductionist/laborious science views on the one facet and the “woo woo”/”new age”/ magical pondering views on the opposite facet.
  • Put on your beliefs flippantly, view them as guides and broad phrases of reference to be revised and upgraded when your life expertise means that that is required, quite than concerning your beliefs as immutable certainties that you need to defend in any respect prices.
  • Transfer ahead in a spirit of enquiry, journey and studying, being attentive to your experiences with consciousness and never dashing to judgements and early conclusions.
  • Share and talk about your experiences with others, ask questions, pay attention and be taught, and increase this course of to incorporate studying as broadly as you’ll be able to about different folks’s experiences from the previous in addition to the current.
  • Take note of folks’s experiences in traditions and perception techniques which are completely different or alien to yours. For instance, it’s possible you’ll not imagine in God, it’s possible you’ll not pray, however take note of the astonishing life tales of individuals inside the Christian perception system who’ve walked very shut with consciousness and who’ve seen and executed wonderful issues. The identical equally applies to different perception techniques.
  • Take note of the expertise of individuals from no explicit perception custom who could wrestle to articulate their experiences as a result of they don’t have the language, fashions of understanding and the framing to have the ability to categorical themselves clearly.
  • Undertake an experimental strategy and take a look at and observe clearly your experiences with consciousness.

How do you interact with consciousness?

Firstly you’ve got to wish to.

How do you get began?

By the guts not the top.

The gateway to participating with consciousness will not be by the aware thoughts, it doesn’t contain your ego. All of it begins with some type of interior prompting. That is felt in your coronary heart not your head.

Personally I’ve discovered that the common apply of meditation and a continuous apply of mindfulness has created the area to permit this to occur. For some folks there may be sudden and wonderful flash of perception corresponding to that skilled and shared by Dr Edgar Wallace the astronaut and founding father of the Institute of Noetic Science.

For others of us this can be a extra gradual and growing consciousness.

I’ve written in some element about my private entry level to all this, once I actually began to take consciousness critically in: Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina – Consciousness, The God In The Machine