Forms of String for Jewellery Making

Forms of String for Jewellery Making

Forms of String for Jewellery Making

String materials for jewellery and craft tasks can vary from a easy piece of nylon to a high-end piece of silk. They many several types of string materials will guarantee there’s something for each mission, however this could make it slightly complicated to decide on the precise one. Let's check out a number of of the most well-liked string choices for jewellery making:


Nylon is a extremely versatile possibility that’s sensible for a lot of totally different jewellery designs. It’s a dependable possibility in woven bracelets and a helpful selection for many normal string associated conditions. Nylon string is cut up into a number of totally different classes. One of many well-liked sorts is the Chinese language knotting wire which is a kind of braided nylon. This nylon could be very sturdy and simply capable of preserve its form. Additionally, the KO beading thread is abrasion resistant, sturdy and simple to safe the ends tightly.


Cotton wire is a helpful possibility for tasks that may profit from a particular look. Any such string materials is created by combining a number of woven threads and making use of a coating of wax to assist reduce points with fraying. It’s nice for stringing beads with a threaded gap within the area of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. As soon as the coating of wax is utilized, the string could be very clear and sturdy.


Elastic wire is a helpful possibility for making jewellery that wants a sure diploma of flexibility, such because the stretchy bracelets. The elastic nature of this string makes the jewellery very simple to take away. As soon as the jewellery beads are positioned on the elastic, it’s comparatively simple to safe utilizing a primary surgeon's knot or comparable. Additionally, for additional power, the knot can simply be completed with a number of drops of elastic pleasant glue.

Polyethylene fiber

The usage of polyethylene fiber is the precise selection for items of jewellery that want a number of power. This materials has the power to present nice all-round power and could be very simple to tie on the finish of a mission. It’s a sensible possibility for holding beads that aren't clean.

Polyester wire

Polyester wire is a really sturdy and simple to make use of possibility for the macramé and shamballa jewellery designs. It’s a helpful selection when working with beads which have a big thread gap. The string could be very reliable and won’t lose its form or shrink when it comes into contact with moisture.

Forms of String for Jewellery Making