The Secret to Concern No Man

The Secret to Concern No Man

The Secret to Concern No Man

That is the third instalment on methods to defend your self the good means. Now we have coated the most important mistake in self protection and the key to successful in opposition to an attacker twice your measurement. This text is about methods to handle your concern.


Concern is a pure response when you realize your security is in peril.

It isn’t uncommon to expertise among the following:

Your coronary heart is pounding at 100 miles per hour in your ears.

Your respiration is brief and sharp.

You will have tunnel imaginative and prescient.

You begin to sweat.

You begin to shake.

You’ll be able to't even hear your self suppose.

Hell, you don't even know what you’re pondering.

You might be beginning to panic.

You might even moist your pants and freeze.

The Adrenaline Dump

Issues occur quick, very quick, in a bodily confrontation.

Quite a lot of issues are additionally taking place in your physique.

Your concern causes your nervous system to flood your physique with an adrenaline dump. That is the physique's technique to put together you for combat or flight.

Adrenaline is usually a good friend or an enemy.

A good friend in that it makes you stronger.

An enemy, as a result of it limits your actions to solely broad gross motor actions.

If you’d like to have the ability to management your concern you have to perceive your three brains.

Your three Brains *

You will have three brains.

  • Human Mind
  • Monkey Mind
  • Lizard Mind

Human Mind controls purpose and logic.

Monkey Mind controls emotions and feelings.

Lizard Mind controls motion and coordination.

Concern is managed by your Monkey Mind.

The issue is that when your Monkey Mind is in management, purpose and logic are out the window. You might be incapable of taking decisive actions, solely impulsive ones.

Impulsive actions should not good when your life could possibly be at stake.

As you don't have the college of purpose and logic, you don't see every other different than to combat again desperately and blindly. Even when escape is an possibility, you can be blinded to it by your Monkey Mind.

The scenario is compounded by the very fact there’s not one Monkey Mind at play however two.

You might be affected by concern and your attacker is consumed with rage.

Two Monkey Brains at conflict, the consequence isn’t good. For you.

There’s a purpose why you can’t speak your means out of bother.

You can’t purpose with a Monkey Mind.

Probably the most clever choice you may make in a bodily confrontation is to interact your Lizard Mind and begin strolling away; whether it is an possibility.

Controlling Your Monkey Mind

The key to controlling concern is to manage your Monkey Mind.

The easiest way to manage your Monkey Mind is with this respiration train.

Breathe in for a rely of 8, maintain for Eight and breathe out for 10.

This kills two birds with one stone.

  1. Buys you the time on your Human Mind to regain management.
  2. Supercharges all of your cells with oxygen to get you mentally and bodily prepared for excessive motion.

Give attention to the issues you’ll be able to win

Controlling your Monkey Mind is essential. You want your Human Mind working totally to have any probability.

The issues you’re afraid of about your attacker are his measurement, energy and aggression.

Don’t give attention to the belongings you can’t win.

The strongest man is just as sturdy as weakest hyperlinks. His eyes, ears, throat and groin are his weakest hyperlinks.

The key to concern no man is to give attention to his weakest hyperlinks!

You will have greater than ample energy to destroy them.

When push involves shove you’ll be able to cease him in his tracks.

Specializing in these weak hyperlinks provides you with the boldness which you could management the scenario.

Within the subsequent submit, I’ll cowl the most important problem you face in a bodily confrontation.

* Marc McYoung from covers the three Brains very properly.

The Secret to Concern No Man