These Curious Pachycephalosaurs – Weird Dinosaurs

These Curious Pachycephalosaurs – Weird Dinosaurs

These Curious Pachycephalosaurs – Weird Dinosaurs

Weird “Bone-Headed” Dinosaurs

These curious “bone-headed” dinosaurs, or to provide them their extra correct, scientific title the Pachycephalosaurs have all the time fascinated younger youngsters and dinosaur mannequin followers. Replicas of those unusual and really enigmatic members of the Ornithischia (bird-hipped dinosaurs) could be present in most dinosaur mannequin and toy ranges, nonetheless, these prehistoric animals have a really poor fossil file. Little or no fossiliferous materials aside from fragments representing parts of the cranium have been preserved as fossils.

A Dinosaur of Northern Latitudes

Though, there may be some fossil proof to counsel members of the Pachycephalosauria as soon as lived in Europe, there’s a specimen on the Isle of Wight Museum (southern England) which will characterize a part of a cranium from an Early Cretaceous Pachycephalosaur, most Pachycephalosaur fossils have been present in North America and northern Asia. Most of those fossils date from rocks laid down in Higher Cretaceous sediments, so it has been urged that the “bone-headed” dinosaurs have been a number of the final varieties of dinosaur to evolve.

A Widespread Dinosaur in Late Cretaceous North America

Regardless of there being only a few physique fossils recognized, (aside from these thickened cranium bones that gave this clade of dinosaurs their frequent title), evaluation of fossil materials from the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation (Alberta, Canada), means that in these ecosystems the place these animals lived, they have been quite common dinosaurs. Some palaeontologists have claimed that regardless of the bias towards them within the fossil file, Pachycephalosaurs have been essentially the most plentiful small-bodied dinosaurs within the Late Cretaceous of North America.

Stegoceras – the Foundation for All Pachycephalosaur Fashions

Little or no put up cranial fossil materials has been preserved within the fossil file. Subsequently, it’s troublesome to state with any diploma of certainty as to what these dinosaurs seemed like and the way they may have behaved. Most scientists consider that these dinosaurs have been bipedal and cursorial with five-fingered palms that have been fairly sturdy and good at greedy. Research of Pachycephalosaur tooth point out that these animals have been browsers maybe feeding on flowers, seeds and nuts with the occasional small lizard or small mammal eaten to complement their largely herbivorous food plan. Essentially the most full fossils specimens have been assigned to the genus often known as Stegoceras and it’s on this explicit dinosaur that the majority Pachycephalosaur reconstructions are based mostly.

Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Fashions

Numerous mannequin producers have added Pachycephalosaurs to their dinosaur mannequin ranges lately. The species depicted does fluctuate however the most typical ones embrace Pachycephalosaurus, the most important of all of the Pachycephalosaurs found to this point and Dracorex ( Dracorex hogwartsia ), though the paucity of the fossil file has led some students to theorise that Dracorex could be simply an immature specimen of the a lot larger Pachycephalosaurus.

Mockingly, their “bone-heads” and the bipedal stance make these dinosaurs one of many best to acknowledge on a toy shelf and these enigmatic, bird-hipped dinosaurs are fashionable with each dinosaur mannequin collectors and younger youngsters.

These Curious Pachycephalosaurs – Weird Dinosaurs